Follow the Lantern Man

A mythical prototype

This short game, explores the story of the Lantern Man - a mythical creature from Scandinavian Folklore - that got a kick out of luring wayward travellers off their path in heavy fog.

Play as a wayward viking, on your quest to find your way out of the deep forest. But beware of the many hostile creatures lurking behind every twist and turn,

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Made in Flash, using ActionScript.

This game design brief, was prompted by London Collage of Communication, and part of my bachelor in Games Design.

Taking a myth, or piece of folk lore, we were challenged to produce a game that would not only retelling out myth of choice, but would push us to explore aspects of game development, we are passionate about.

As a result, this game features:

  • Turn based strategy based.

  • Memory-games.

  • A combat system.

  • A small economic system

  • Equiptment and weapon upgrades.

  • And a very sassy final boss.


Can you defeat the Lantern Man, and escape the dark woods?

Screenshot 2018-02-25 16.55.51

Download full Game Design Document: