2018 // Unity (C#) // PC

A tribute to Paranormal Investigator Ghost-hunter tv shows in all of their spooky and night-vision-y glory!

You are a malevolent spirit.

Spook the investigators, to your ghostly heart's content. If you are caught on camera, or seen, your fun is over.

This game came about, from a recent fascination with flipping power-dynamics in horror-themed media upside down.

This short, experimental game, explores what happens if you are the monster: But you are also the one that has to be careful.

It is a interactive brainstorm of the paradox, that you have all the power, but you have to be smart, and stealthy in your approach.


This skilled team of ghost hunters are keeping an eye out for your every spooky move!

Everything you see (Game Design, Art, Programming, UI), is done by myself.