A Narrative Game Collaboration

Learn the hobo code to escape the dust bowl cloud!

The game is made in Unity, with original assets.

This is a project in collaboration with fellow Games Design student Pauline Martyn.

The game will open in a new tab, and launch in your browser


Unity, Spring 2018

The Hobo Code (Aka. Gentleman of the Rails) is a dialogue-driven, map-based game.

The game is set during the American Great Depression of the 1930s, a time of uncertainty and widespread hardship.

In The Hobo Code, you play a traveller of the dusty road who needs to get across several states to reach his goal. Each state is a self-contained map containing several locations that you can either see or uncover through dialogue with the state’s inhabitants. Each location will give you the opportunity to talk to the locals, or unlock rare bonuses, with every interaction influenced by your knowledge of the Hobo Code.


  • Game Design: Amalie Kae & Pauline Martyn

  • Dialogue: Pauline Martyn

  • Art and UI design: Amalie Kae

  • Programming: Amalie Kae

  • Plug-in Integration (Fungus): Pauline Martyn

This is a collaboration with Pauline Martyn.

You can find her portfolio here: 

Curious about the development?
Download the Game Design Document here:

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