Game Concept

Introducing: Sleep My Love.

A Game Concept in Progress.

A variety of motley characters are trapped together at a small bed and breakfast out on the peaceful countryside, as authorities suddenly close the entire area down in a quarantine.

At first, the guests collectively decide to not think much of it. However, that soon changes, as one of the people - young and healthy - is found dead.

Soon, the cast is faced with their mortal end. How will they handle the thought of their eminent demise?

And more importantly: How will you help them deal with it all?

The catalyst of Sleep My Love, was the thought of how different people deal with the thought of death, and how individuals go though the seven stages of grief, if put in a dire situation.

If you could observe these different stages play out in extreme real time, what would you see?

How does the wise, old widow deal with this situation?

How about a father of four?

How about people of different religious beliefs?

How about the pure atheist, who believes there is nothing but a dark void waiting?

And how about the miss-understood, young runaway, who never really felt like he started living to begin with?

In Sleep My Love, you can explore all of these different ideologies and life views, though a neutral set of eyes.

Who will you lend a shoulder to cry on?

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First Mood Sketch
The 7 Stages of Grief as Ghosts
Narrative Process
First Floor Hallway
Example of guest room
Zeki: Visual research on the charact
Protagonist walk cycle